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Concrete5 is the #1 CMS content management system. WHMCS is the #1 automated billing and support system. C5WHMCS gives you the ability to integrate these two platforms together seamlessly. C5WHMCS wraps Concrete5 around WHMCS.

Authenticate Users! - Authenticate your users when they login against BOTH Concrete5 and WHMCS. 

Bridge user accounts between Concrete5 and WHMCS, allowing your users to only have to keep track of one set of credentials. Users can login one time to comment on blog postings, forums, share information with their peers, order hosting plans, pay their bills, etc.

There is no need to import your existing WHMCS user database to Concrete5. The next time a client logs in their account, a new user will be added to Concrete5 and synced with their info automatically. A username for concrete5 is also generated automatically which is used for forum posts, blogs or any other user function on Concrete5. Users then have the option to change their user name from their client details area.

C5WHMCS comes with 4 custom blocks for Concrete5 that give you the ability to place a WHMCS domain search, news feed, cart links and user/login anywhere on your site that you choose.

Convert to Concrete5. Cant find a design you like on our site or the Concrete5 marketplace? Thats ok, we offer PSD and HTML conversion to Concrete5. Find any design you like from any template company in the world and send it to us. We will convert it for you in 2 days or less.

WHMCS can be used for any type of business that needs automatic monthly billing and or a support ticket system for their customers. WHMCS is geared towards hosting companies, but any type of company could utilize this incredible billing system for collecting recurring credit card payments from their clients automatically for any type of product or service and for any type of business or web site.